Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toy purge!

Having my children home all day due to the heavy snows that pounded Georgia has made this week difficult to say the least. Wrangling toys away from children is the equivalent of taking a fresh kill away from a lion! It is not an easy task, but I am persevering! I will complete this task this week and get all the Christmas toys put away.

On a side note: we are loving the snow that has fallen over the south this week! The hill that seems so ridiculous any other time of the year - has been a great beginners sledding hill. At one point we had at least five other neighborhood kids sledding on our little hill. Our dog, which we adopted just this past summer, was hilarious to watch in the snow! She is a border collie mix and was springing around the snow like a jack russell terrier.
My family is happy that I stockpile food now, as all the grocery stores in our area have lots of empty shelves. We didn’t lose power to which everyone is extremely grateful! Thanks go to God for keeping us safe and sane!
I am slightly sore this morning after helping my husband shovel snow and ice off our driveway yesterday. I am happy we got it done, but I understand now why people charge so much for this service in the northern states, it is hard work! We had at least 6 inches fall in our yard and it was beautiful! Too bad it all has turned to ice now, no more snowball fights allowed.

This picture taken while it was still snowing a little, no one had been out to play in it yet so it was all still very beautiful and undisturbed!

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