Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moving ahead!

Over the weekend we finished switching the storage room and the playroom – sorry I forgot to take pictures of the before but here are some of the after shots!
 The children are much happier to be in the bigger room!
All these large toys take up so much space!
The train table is huge but the kids love it!
 The room the toys were in now filled with boxes.
 That's my huge pile of seasonal stuff in the corner there.
Mostly books to be gone through.

I will be combining this week and next week’s challenges, since they are of the same area and I need time to prepare for my daughter’s birthday party. She has decided she wants to have a sleepover birthday – so I will be concentrating on planning that. It will be interesting to keep 7 or 8 girls entertained all night but I am sure everyone will have a blast!
I am excited to get into this next challenge – I have boxes of things I haven’t seen since we moved to this house almost 5 years ago. I am sure I will be purging quite a bit of stuff, since I haven’t needed them for all these years, I doubt I will suddenly have a need for them!

I will update as I have time.

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