Friday, January 14, 2011

Progress FINALLY!

Persistence pays off! My kids forked over lots of toys today! I am so proud of them, lots of hugs and kisses all around! They both went through their toys and put in a box any they didn’t play with anymore. I had to help very little as my daughter was helping my son understand the process! They both had over flowing boxes! My daughter then went through her books and handed down lots for my son to enjoy, now I have to go through my son’s books and get rid of the baby board books to make room for the “new” ones. I hadn’t thought about this step- my daughter did it by herself. I will probably have to exchange bookcases too I think my son’s is too small for the quantity he now owns!
I took a picture of the pile of toys they let go. It was quite a large pile! Under all those larger toys are a whole lot of little toys. Did I mention I am proud of them?

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