Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back after a long weekend!

Well, we completed last week’s goal of purging toys and making room for Christmas gifts! My kids’ rooms look great or as good as they will get for the near future! They purged so much stuff we now have room to grow, which is a great thing because my daughter’s birthday is at the end of this month and my son’s birthday is in March! We managed to fit my daughter’s large Barbie house in her room, which thrilled her and made it much easier for her to get rid of stuff!
Those baskets on the shelves were overflowing with toys, and her new Barbie doll house she got for Christmas.

Her game and craft shelf a bit messy but everything fits nicely.

My daughter's bookcase she loves the big cubes!

Her closet looks SO much better!
My son's bookcase- it was full of baby books, but I bagged all those up to give away!

 His toys all organized in these bins- I need to make some basket tags though!

My son's closet- is much improved!

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