Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ridiculousness in the school system!

Saw an article about this on Yahoo! news and was disgusted! Patrick Gonzalez, a student at Woodlake Hills Middle School, Texas is facing in-school suspension for getting a haircut in the likeness of San Antonio Spurs, forward, Matt Bonner.

The problem lies in the school dress code, which my daughter's school and probably many others across the country, have very similar write ups.
Must be neat, clean and well groomed.
No type of head covering, cap or hat, hair rollers or long-handled combs may be worn inside the building.
Sideburns must be kept neatly trimmed and must not extend below ear level or flare at the bottom.
Symbols and/or styles which are identified with gang membership, affiliation or representation shall not be allowed.
Extreme hairstyles and/or coloring cannot be a distraction to the educational process.Notched eyebrows are prohibited.
Opinions will vary but, I don't understand how this would be a distraction. Yes, he would be, possibly the coolest kid in school for a day or two. The new will wear off and what is left but a really cool haircut! I mean, really, if it had been a picture of say the school principal or the Governor, would it still have been a "distraction"? Hair will grow out, at least he didn't get a tattoo! Not sure the school was looking for this kind of attention, now they are in the media spotlight and under public scrutiny!

I think kids NEED to have some form of individualism. I say, Good for him to actually have a positive role model to follow. The picture could have been of some gang banger or rapper or even our current President(LOL couldn't resist).

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