Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My random thoughts for the day!

Well I have started compiling materials so I can workout a lesson plan over the summer. It is hard work! I am assuming this will get easier as time goes on. My poor printer on the other hand will not recuperate I'm afraid... Must shop for a new one. Maybe I will look at laser printers this time as I understand they don't use as much ink, I really only need black usually anyway!

Scholastic was having a great sale on their ebooks, so I stocked up on those! Gotta love $1 sales!!!

I met a couple of people that homeschool in my area, several days ago, I am looking forward to joining in with the group soon!

My daughter is officially withdrawn from public school as of the 23rd. She is sooo excited, so is my son! He thinks it is great to get to go to school with his big sister! If she only knew how much he adores her!

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